In tonight’s edition of NYU Now, we bring you the latest regarding White House resignations, how America’s retailers are getting involved in gun debate, as well as our exclusive Oscar preview.

Stay with us as we continue to report on the chaos in the White House, including an emerging scandal involving an expensive dining set!

We continue the story on guns as both Democrats and Republicans respond to the President’s surprising comments on potential gun control legislation.  The President took to Twitter in response.

President Putin announces a new ‘unstoppable’ nuclear weapon in his annual state of the nation speech.  We tell you why Putin is saber-rattling and what to expect.

We have the latest on experimental treatments to cure the flu.  It’s been the worst flu season in nearly a decade but we may be close to a solution.  Stay tuned!

Black Panther continues to strongly outperform expectations at the box office.  We tell you exactly how the film is doing worldwide.

And stick around as we review why the stock market dropped more than 300 points.  Is a trade war around the corner?  We have the story.

And finally, we build up to the 90th Academy Awards.