Tonight on NYU Now, we’ll bring you a special live report for International Women’s Day, along with an analysis of President Trump’s new tariff plan. We’re also discussing the Italian elections, the latest on the Russia investigation, and the political undertones of this year’s Oscars ceremony.

International Women’s Day is especially political in the midst of the #MeToo movement. We’re reporting live from the march in NYC to hear from New Yorkers who are taking a stand.
Join us for a commentary on the president’s new tariff plan, which has sparked criticism from both sides of the aisle and major U.S. allies. We also have a full report on the Italian elections, as well as Nigerian reactions to Trump’s “shithole” comment.
The Russia investigation is heating up, and a former Trump campaign manager faces questioning today on Capitol Hill. In a shocking move, South Korean officials have announced that North Korea may be willing to denuclearize in exchange for removal of sanctions. We’ll have the latest on these stories.
Stay with us as we discuss the Justice Department’s suit against the state of California, as well as the secret restraining order issued by Trump’s legal team against Stormy Daniels.
We’ll also take a glimpse into the life of a New York City subway performer, along with a look at how cancer survivors deal with financial burdens from their treatments.
Florida lawmakers have issued a new bill to allow teachers to carry guns on school property, and former Cabinet secretary Donna Shalala has filed papers to run for Congress in a contested Miami district.
Finally, we have a panel for International Women’s Day followed by a report on the biggest political moments from this year’s Academy Awards. Join us at 6 p.m. EST!